Restricted Categories

This module allows website owners to configure certain categories as restricted, forcing visitors to accept a disclaimer before being able to see the listings posted in that categories.


When a new user visits your website, all listings posted in restricted categories won’t be shown in the list of listings, search results or in widgets, unless the visitor is explicitely browsing one of the restricted categories. In that case, as we saw above, the user must accept the user disclaimer before any of the listings is shown.

However, users are not required to accept the disclaimer every time they explore a restricted category. If they accept the disclaimer, their choice will be remembered, and from that moment, the plugin will start showing all listings without restrictions.


When the module is installed and active, a new settings section becomes available under Classified Admin > Settings >  Modules > Restricted Categories:

Step 1: Choose your restricted categories

The section shows a list of the existing categories with a checkbox in front of each of them. If the checkbox is checked, the category is marked as restricted or protected.

Step 2: Add your User Disclaimer text

If a user tries to see listings in a category that is restricted, the plugin will show a User Disclaimer that the user must accept before being granted access to the listings in that category. The content of the disclaimer can be configured from the settings section as well. HTML and Plain Text are supported.

Step 3: Add your Disclaimer for Posting text

The plugin includes a User Disclaimer that warns the visitors about adult-oriented content and informs them that they must be 18 years of age or older in order to access that section of the website. You can change the disclaimer to fit your specific needs.

configure_general_options_ _awpcp__test__blog_ _wordpress

This is an example of the User Disclaimer as seen by a visitor of your website:


Additionally, if a user tries to post a listing to a restricted category, a different disclaimer is shown. The user must accept the terms of disclaimer before he or she can continue with the process of posting a listing.

configure_general_options_ _awpcp__test__blog_ _wordpress

This is an example of the User Disclaimer as seen by a visitor trying to post a listing to a restricted category in your website:


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