The Coupons module allows you to offer coupon codes to your users when posting ads or subscriptions on your site.  This gives you the flexibility to give away free ads to certain users for promotional purposes, or to discount your plans if you want to run a special promotion.

You can turn on the Coupons Module by going to Classified Admin > Settings > Modules > Coupons

Coupons are defined in the Coupons menu that now appears under Classifieds after the module is installed:

Once you click on the menu item, the following screen appears (without anything in it initially):

Here are what the coupon fields mean:

  • Coupon ID is the unique identifier of the code in the system
  • Coupon Code is what you give to your users to enter when placing an ad
  • Discount Value is the amount of the discount.  It can be a percent or an absolute value.  The symbol will tell you which (% after the value for percent, $ before for absolute value)
  • Redemption Limit is the total amount of times this code can be used.  If you put 0 in this field, the coupon can be redeemed forever.
  • Redemption Count is the number of times to date it has been used
  • Expire Date is the date when the coupon code is no longer allowed to be used
  • Active tells you whether this coupon code currently works or not.  Inactive and expired have the same effect from the user’s perspective–the code will not work.

To add a new coupon, click on Add Coupon.  Enter the data required from above.

To edit or delete a coupon, move your mouse over the record you wish to edit.  You will see the Edit and Delete links appear as you hover.  Click on the desired operation.

Once your coupons are in place and active, you should see this on your Place Ads form during the payment page:

Entering an active discount code will change the price accordingly when you click Apply Coupon.

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