Quick Start Guide

Thanks for choosing Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin to increase customer interaction on your site. We have some easy scenarios below that will help you get your site up and running QUICKLY with AWPCP.

Installing and setting up AWPCP is easy.

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Configure your Classified Page names
  3. Take a quick tour of the AWPCP Classified admin sections and decide what you want to configure next.
    1. Classified Admin: Fees
    2. Classified Admin: Categories
    3. Classified Admin: Debug
    4. Classified Admin: Import & Export
  • Once you have the plugin installed, you can view it from your site under the Classifieds Page name you defined in step 2.  For example, if you called the page “Classifieds”, then you will be able to access AWPCP from http://<your_site_name>/classifieds.  If you called the page “My Classified Listings”, then you can see AWPCP from http://<your_site_name>/my-classified-listings.
  • Most themes will make your AWPCP link visible directly in your menus.  If you can’t see it in the menu, consult your theme for documentation on showing pages inside your theme.  If your theme is WP 3.0 Menu enabled, you can configure it under Appearance->Menus in your WordPress admin section.

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