Classified Admin: Categories

This area is where you define the categories used for your classified ads. Categories help you organize your ads conveniently for users to browse desired areas of interest.


AWPCP does NOT share categories with WordPress. If you already defined WP categories that you want to use, you will need to redefine them in AWPCP. Conversely, defining AWPCP categories will not affect your WP posts or pages either.

AWPCP comes with a standard set of Classifieds categories which you are free to delete, add to, or modify to suit your needs. AWPCP 4.x and higher supports a single parent/ multi-child hierarchy of categories. The parent categories are identified as “Top Level Categories” in the admin panel, while the children are those categories which have a parent.

When the category list is displayed in AWPCP, you may optionally display a count of ads next to the category, like so:

For Sale (12)

Parent categories will have a count of ads that is the sum of all their children, for example:

For Sale (12)
      Electronics (5)
      Cars and Trucks (7)

For Sale, being the parent category, has 7+5 total ads, or 12, as shown.

To create new categories in AWPCP

Go to Classified Admin > Categories

Next, you need to enter a category name (required) and determine whether this is a Top Level Category or a child category. If it’s a top level category, select the option above, otherwise pick the category under which this new category will belong. You may optionally specify the sorting order (from lowest to highest) using any integer number. The default sort order for all categories is 0 unless specified otherwise.

After you have entered your data, click on “Add New Category” and your new category will be in the list.

To modify or update categories in AWPCP

Scroll past the new category section above and down to the list of existing categories, as shown:

From here, you can do three things:

  • Move a category to another place
  • Change or update the information about the category (sort order, name)
  • Delete the category entirely

To move a category under another category

Do the following:

  1. Select the category you wish to move (using the checkboxes on the left)
  2. From the drop down above the list that says “Select Target Category”, pick the new parent of this current category
  3. Click on “Move Selected Categories”

You can move more than one category at a time if you like by checking multiple boxes next to categories that need to be moved.

If you wish to make a child category a top level category

Look under the Action column and click on the Edit Icon (it looks like a pencil) to the right of the category Order column. This will populate the category information at the top of the list, just like you’re adding a category for the first time.

Update the information and then click “Save Category Changes”.

To delete a category

Look under the Action Column and click on the "trash" icon to the right of the category Order column. Confirm that you wish to delete it, and then select OK. The category will be deleted.

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