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Set Up a Paid Classified Board

This setup assumes that:

  • You want to charge fees for all categories on your site
  • You want to use the same fees for these categories

You may prefer the Fee Per Category approach if that’s not quite what you want, instead.  More information here.

To setup a paid classified board in AWPCP, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Turn on Payments

  1. Go to Classified Admin > Settings > Payment > General Settings.
  2. Make sure “Charge Listing Fee?” is checked at the top.

Step 2: Choose a Payment Gateway to Accept Payments

  1. Activate either PayPal or 2Checkout as your payment gateway.
  2. Enter the proper credentials, depending on the gateway (PayPal email, 2Checkout account)

Step 3: Choose a Currency (only one)

  1. Go to Classified Admin > Settings > General tab > Currency Format
  2. Set your payment currency for your local region (e.g. USD for US Dollar, GBP for British Pound).  Valid currencies are ('AUD','BRL','CAD','CZK','DKK','EUR','HKD','HUF', 'ILS','JPY','MYR','MXN','NOK','NZD','PHP','PLN','GBP','SGD','SEK','CHF','TWD','THB','USD').
  3. Add the appropriate currency symbol
  4. Click Save Changes.

Step 4: Add Fee Plans

  1. Go to Classified Admin > Fees
  2. Add as many fee plans as you wish to use for your site.

Now you’re ready to accept paid ads for your site.

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