Fee Per Category

The Fee Per Category (FPC) module allows you to create a free/paid site where certain high-quality categories or high-traffic subjects can generate more revenue for you.  If you want to have some paid categories and have others that are completely free, this is the module you need.

FPC allows you to charge different amounts on a per-category basis, adding further flexibility on how users can add content to your site.  It also allows you to restrict the number of categories allowed for different fee plans.

FPC Settings

The module gives you several new options in the fee plan settings:

Category Options

Limit the number of categories to: You can now limit the number of categories for a fee plan. For example, for a free plan you can limit the number of categories to one or two categories, but in a premium (paid) fee plan, you can allow more categories.

Offer this plan for certain categories only: You can now limit the availability of fee plans for certain categories. For example, in a high value category like "For Sale" you can charge $5, but for a lower value category like "Lost pets" you can charge $1.

How do you want to charge for this plan?: This setting gives you different options for taking payments based on category selection:

Pricing Options

  1. Flat price:  This is the standard for all fee plans.
  2. Different price for different categories
  3. A flat price plus an extra amount for each category selected

If you choose either of the last two options, you will be able to define a price for each category in the next screen. Once you click Save & Continue, you will see the new Pricing section:

Fee Per Category requires that you assign payment plans to certain categories.  In addition, you must also define a “default payment plan” that is not assigned to ANY category at all.  This plan is typically set at $0.00 to allow users to post for free in any category that wasn’t explicitly assigned to other plans.

FPC Setup Requirement

You must go through and assign any categories to payment plans to get things rolling.  You may assign multiple plans to a single category, or none at all.

If you fail to define a default plan or assign all categories to plans, you will see a warning like this until you finish:


You must define ONE payment plan that is not assigned to ANY category at all.  This is the “default” plan.  Typically, you set this plan to $0.00 so that your users can post in all other categories.  If you don’t define this plan, your users will not be able to post ads in any categories that don’t have explicit fee plans assigned.  You will also see the warning in red above.

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