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Location Based Classifieds

Location based classifieds are where your categories can be filtered such that the results are specific to your user’s current location.  Users only see relevant results, much like Craigslist does.  Location based classifieds also allow you to restrict what cities, states and countries the users are allowed to enter during the Place Ad process.  By default, an AWP classified board allows users to enter in whatever they like to these fields.  This makes it harder for future users to search on the data if there are inconsistencies such as misspellings (e.g. Laraydo, Laredo, or Larado) or capitalization problems (e.g. TExas, TX, and Texas)

To enable location-based classifieds, do the following:

  1. Purchase the Regions Control premium module
  2. Install and configure Regions Control module

Users can now browse and search by location.  In addition, when placing ads, they will be restricted on which cities, states, countries and any other location-specific fields you added (e.g. county, village, borough, etc).

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