Settings: Classified Pages

The Classifieds Pages tab is where you define the WordPress pages used by the AWPCP plugin. You can choose a page from the dropdown menu, or create a new page from this section of the plugin.

AWPCP uses the page information designated here to manage the various aspects of your classified ads. For each created page, a shortcode is added to the page which then outputs the AWPCP classifieds content for each page in the appropriate way. If you create a new page, be sure to use the appropriate shortcode on that page, as it will NOT be added automatically.

The names shown here are the default pages the plugin has created for the classifieds section of your site. You can (and probably should) use something different for these page names, particularly the top-level page (“AWPCP Main page”), named "Classifieds" by default. You can change the names in WordPress under Pages > All Pages.

After making any changes, be sure to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of this page.

ALL of these pages are required by AWPCP and deleting any them is very, very bad. If you do that, AWPCP will not work as expected. Luckily, if you accidentally delete them, it’s easy to get them back. Make sure you have all page names filled out and then click “Restore Pages” at the top of this tab.


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