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Comments and Ratings Module

Comments & Ratings allows you to give users the ability to rate and comment on classifieds in the system.  The rating scale is on a 5-star system.  Comments are similar to WordPress comments but with additional moderation options for AWPCP.

How to install Comments & Ratings

The Comments & Ratings module is installed as a WordPress plugin manually.

Install as follows:
On your WP admin dashboard, click Plugins->Add New. At the top, click Upload and then find the downloaded ZIP file for the module on your local computer. Click OK to start the upload. Activate the plugin when you’re done to complete the process.

Once installed, you can see it in action: Go to your WP admin dashboard under Classified Admin > Settings > Modules > Comments and Ratings:


After your initial installation, you will also notice that there is a message at the top of your WordPress screen that tells you to insert the proper placeholders in your ad layout pages: "Comments & Ratings are enabled for your Ads, but the required placeholders haven't been added to the template. Please go to the Ad/Listing settings page and enter both '$comments' and '$ratings' placeholders as part of the Single Ad page layout option."


You can click the link (the blue text) in the WP message and it will take you to the correct tab to add the placeholders for your new module.

To do this, go to Classified Admin > Settings > Display > Layout and presentation and enter one or both of the following field code placeholders '$comments' and '$ratings' as part of the Single Ad page layout option.

add placeholders video

The Comments Section

The comments section will appear in listings if you have added the $comments placeholder and will look something like this:


Users can submit comments that include a username and a title, as well as date and time, based on the settings you have configured. Users can also flag comments as inappropriate.


The listing owner will receive an email notification of the new comment on their ad:


A new section will be added under Classifieds Ads now, called Comments. This is where you manage the comments on ads.


The Ratings Section

The User Ratings area under Classified Admin > Settings > Modules > Comments and Ratings will allow you to manage that part of the plugin.


To create your own icons, use the following instructions:

Create custom images named:

  • custom-on.png
  • custom-off.png
  • custom-half.png

These images should be 16x16 pixels

Put the newly created icons in the /plugins/awpcp-comments-ratings/resources/images folder on your site.

Once a user leaves a rating (done by clicking on the stars) they receive this message:

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