AWPCP Administration Panel

The Admin panel includes the following menu items:


Settings: Manage the overall configuration of AWPCP - contains multiple menus and sub-menus.

Categories: Where you go to manage the categories used in displaying ads within AWPCP.

Form Fields: Shows all the form fields that users may need to fill to create a listing and where you can rearrange the fields.

Credit Plans: Change settings related to credit plans if using a credit only or credit/currency setup.

Manage Credit: Access to manage credit balance for users.

Fees: Create and delete fee plans to charge your users if you have a paid classified board. Can be ignored for a free board.

Import & Export: CSV-based data importer to allow you to populate AWPCP from somewhere else

Debug: Useful if you post a support request on Gives us a snapshot of your settings immediately.

Uninstall: One way to uninstall AWPCP if you find it’s not what you need. The other is through the Plugins panel.



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