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The settings screen of AWP Classifieds consists of several different groups of settings within the plugin:

Each tab represents a category of settings:


Overall settings used by AWP Classifieds that don’t fit anywhere else. Sub-tabs include:

  • General Settings
  • Date & Time Format
  • Currency Format
  • Registration: Settings around whether you want users to be registered with your site or not before using your classified board
  • Anti-SPAM
  • AdSense: Configuration for any Google AdSense ads you wish to display in your classifieds
  • Advanced


The names of the pages used by AWP Classifieds to manage and show ads from the user side.


Settings relating to ads and the listings like layout, notifications, etc.

  • Moderation
  • Notifications
  • SEO


PayPal, 2Checkout configuration to handle payment processing

  • General Settings
  • Credit System
  • 2Checkout
  • PayPal


How images are handled in your classified site. Min/max width/height, file size, base images allowed, etc.

  • Layout and Presentation
  • Classifieds Bar
  • Form Fields


Image settings and file naming.

  • General
  • Image Sizes
  • Presentation


Template for emails sent to users during classified events (ad posted, expired, renewed, payment failed, etc). SMTP settings for overriding default WP mail if needed.

  • General
  • Messages
  • Advanced


Settings for individual premium modules that are activated


License keys for premium modules

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