Settings: Image

This tab controls how AWPCP uploads, resizes, crops, and validates images associated with ads.

Image Settings: The following options are supported

  • Allow images in ads: Turn this off if you don’t want to allow images in yours ads. Default is on. This setting affects both free and paid classified boards.
  • Turn off Thickbox/Lightbox: This will disable the Lightbox effect (where the browser dims and displays an image in a larger size with a small border around it) if you check it. Some themes install a lightbox that doesn’t work well with AWPCP. This will shut it off.
  • Number of images allowed in free mode: The maximum number of images that can be posted on a FREE classified ad (only). To configure paid image counts, you must setup fee plans instead.
  • Uploads folder name: The folder used by AWPCP to store images. It will be created under /wp-content/ in your WP install. NOTE: If you are having trouble uploading images, check the permissions on this folder. They should be at least 755 (drwxr-xr-x).
  • Maximum file size per image: The largest size of image you will accept, in bytes. WordPress has a default 2MB image upload limit unless you configure it to be higher, so keep that in mind if you put in large numbers that don’t seem to work. This is often a webhost setting.
  • Minimum file size per image: The smallest filesize of image you will accept, in bytes.
  • Minimum image width/height: The minimum size dimension you will accept for an image. 125 is the default, which is a reasonable thumbnail size.
  • Max image width: The widest the uploaded image can be, in pixels
  • Max image height: The tallest the uploaded image can be, in pixels.


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