Classifieds Tab

This tab represents most of the settings revolving around the ads themselves. It is comprised of three main sub-sections:

  • Moderation
  • Notifications
  • SEO



This section controls how you want to handle ads after items are posted. You can do the following here:

  • Only admin can post ads: Prevents the Place Ad link from working and displaying. Only you (admin) can post anything.
  • Disable listings until administrator approves:  New Ads will be in a disabled status, not visible to visitors, until the administrator approves them.
  • Disable listings until administrator approves modifications: Listings will be in a disabled status after the owners modifies them and until the administrator approves them.
  • Enable paid ads that are pending payment: Enable paid ads that are pending payment.
  • Have non-registered users verify the email address used to post new Ads: A message with an email verification link will be sent to the email address used in the contact information. New Ads will remain disabled until the user clicks the verification link.
  • Number of days before the verification email is sent again: default is 5
  • Number of days before Ads that remain in a unverified status will be deleted: default is 30
  • Awaiting approval message:  This field can be customized. Default text: "All ads must first be approved by the administrator before they are activated in the system. As soon as an admin has approved your ad it will become visible in the system. Thank you for your business." This message is shown to users right after they post an Ad, if that Ad is awaiting approval from the administrator. The message may also be included in email notifications sent when a new Ad is posted.
  • Allowed domains in Ad poster email: Only email addresses with a domain in the list above will be allowed. * will match,, etc. but will match only. Please type one domain per line.
  • Duration of listings in free mode (in days): default is 0. The end date for listings posted in free mode will be calculated using the value in this field. You can enter 0 to keep listings enabled for 10 years.
  • Delete expired ads:  Check to delete ads after the number of days configured in the next setting have passed since the ads were marked as expired. If not checked, ads will continue to be stored in the system but won't be visible in the frontend. They'll remain disabled.
  • Number of days before expired listings are deleted: If the Delete expired ads setting is checked, the ads will be permanently deleted from the system after the number of days configured in this field have passed since each ad was marked as expired.
  • Allow users to edit the start date of their listings?
  • Hide images until admin approves them. If you would prefer to moderate ads with images to verify content before displaying it, check this box. You will then need to approve the ad in the Listings view.


User Notifications

Users can be notified of:

  • Posted ads
  • Expired ads
  • Expiring ads (giving them a chance to renew). You can set the threshold when you want these renew emails to go out in days.

Moderator Notifications

Admin Notifications

This section represents what kind of email notices you want sent out with AWPCP. You (the admin) can be notified of the following:



Search Engine Friendly URLs

If you want to use URLs of the form /something/like/this instead of /something?like=this, which Google prefers, then you need to check this option AND set a non-default permalink option (we suggest /%category%/%postname%/, but anything that isn’t one of the defaults will do nicely)


Window Title

These settings affect the title shown in the title bar of the browser for the listing. You can include or remove certain elements if you wish.

Listing URL

These settings affect the URL path shown for listings. You can include or remove elements for SEO purposes.

Example path: /my-awpcp/classifieds/id/listing-title/city/state/category.

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