Featured Ads Module">Featured Ads Module

featuredAdd specific highlighting to ads that users pay for.  Great for increasing revenue!

The Featured Ads Module is a great way to make money with your Classifieds site.  Give your users the option of upgrading their ads for more visibility!

Featured Ads module does the following things to AWPCP:

  1. Featured ads are prioritized above ALL other ads in display.
  2. Search results always display featured ads first, if a featured ad matches the search criteria
  3. Featured ads always display at the top of any category.
  4. Featured ads will be the first in any list when the users are just casually browsing ads.
  5. Featured Ads can be placed anywhere on your blog using the convenient Featured Ads widget.  (Alternately, a PHP call can be used to inject them into any page in your custom template)
  6. Featured ad display is 100% customizable using CSS.  The module comes pre-configured with a green highlight border and yellow background image but you can easily modify it to suit your theme and preferences.
  7. Featured ads are configured by creating a Fee Category that uses the “Featured Ads” checkbox.  Enabling this feature allows users who buy ads for that Fee Category to be featured where they post them.
  8. Full admin control:  You can set or unset ANY ads as featured from the AWPCP Admin panel quickly and easily.

It’s the premium module that will pay for itself many times over when users need the ability to get their ads noticed.

The module will pull your latest ad headlines and excerpt. Showing an image with the excerpt is optional. You set the option from the classifieds options in your dashboard under Manage General Options->General Settings

This module requires version 3.9 of AWPCP or higher.

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