Featured Ads Module

Featured Ads allows you to highlight certain ads over others, making them more visible than regular ones.  This helps to promote certain kinds of ads, or allow you to provide premium fee plans that give users the choice of having this increased visibility.  A featured ad in the system appears like this (default style):

Featured ads will always display at the top of any category, search result, or ad list.  The featured ads will also appear in a different color with a different border.  The default background is yellow and the default border is green.  Both of these can be altered using custom CSS for AWPCP.  This is the block of CSS used in the default featured ads module.  If you want to change it, use AWPCP Custom CSS instead of changing the included file directly.

.awpcp_featured_ad_wrapper {
border: 2px solid #00cc00 !important;
/* If you want to insert a backround image, uncomment the following line of CSS and replace with the path to your image: /
 background-image: url("featured_ads.jpg") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; /
 To change the background color, change the hex code in the following css rule. */
background-color: #FFFF8E;

Featured Ads requires very little configuration.  First, install the plugin:
On your WP admin dashboard, click Plugins->Add New. At the top, click Upload and then find the downloaded ZIP file for the module on your local computer. Click OK to start the upload. Activate the plugin when you’re done to complete the process.

After that you also need to update the Ad Listings page layout template, as follows:

Find the following in your Ad Listings page layout HTML:

Change this

<div class="$awpcpdisplayaditems"></div>

to this:

<div class="$awpcpdisplayaditems $isfeaturedclass"></div>

After that, Featured Ads will appear in a different style. Your site may already automatically include that $isfeaturedclass variable, which means you don’t have to change it yourself.

Featured Ads will add some small additions to existing admin areas, such as the Fees admin area.  With Featured Ads installed, you have a NEW option to set a plan to “Featured Ad Pricing” like so:

When you check “This fee is for featured ads” on a fee plan, it means that any ad placed under the fee plan will be considered “Featured”.

Featured Ads are also compatible with Subscriptions as well.  You can offer subscription packages of Featured Ads or Regular Ads when Featured Ads is installed.

You can also make ads featured on an individual basis. Here is a short animation showing you how this is done:


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