ZIP Code Search Module">ZIP Code Search Module

Allow for location-based searches of listings by radius (miles or kilometers). Configure your site for local searching quickly and easily.

This module allows your businesses that list in Business Directory to be searched via ZIP or Postal Code (Supports all countries listed here). Users can find all listings within X miles or kilometers of a particular ZIP code in their searches. Contains a widget to place on any page within your site.

Some features of ZIP code search module:

  • Widget to add to any sidebar or footer for searching
  • Enhancement of the advanced search page to add ZIP based searches to an existing ZIP field
  • Uses any previously defined ZIP code field that you map
  • Supports miles or kilometers for search
  • Independent module–can be used with Regions, Maps, or completely by itself
  • Supports a number of countries: US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Lichtenstein, Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysian, New Zealand, South African, Brazil, Romanian and Australian postal codes. New countries added if a public data source can be identified (must have latitude, longitude, postal code). Full country list is available here.

This module requires version 3.9.x of AWPCP or higher.

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