Category Icons Module">Category Icons Module

Category IconsAdd images to your AWPCP Category display This module allows you to add 16×16 icons to your Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin categories and subcategories via the AWPCP category editor.

 This module does not affect or work with your regular WordPress categories. It is an extension of “Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin” and will only work with AWPCP to give your AWPCP categories a little extra styling by adding some icons.

(**There has been some confusion as to whether or not this product is an imitation of the Category Icons Plugin. This module is not a plugin by itself. It cannot add icons to your regular WordPress categories. It cannot be uploaded to WordPress as a plugin, activated and used. You need “Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin” to use the Category Icons Module for Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin. It will only work with “Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin” and will only add icons to the classifieds categories you create with Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin)

The silk icon pack from is included in the default package. You can always use your own icons by uploading them to the images folder of the plugin (awpcp-category-icons/images). Adding your icons is a simple matter of selecting the icon you want to use for a specific category and clicking a button to set it.

This module requires version 3.8.x of AWPCP or higher.

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