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Category Icons is a premium module where you can have AWPCP display small (16×16) icons next to your category names on your main classifieds page. The output looks like this:


How to install Category Icons

Category Icons module is installed as a WordPress plugin manually.

Install as follows:
On your WP admin dashboard, click Plugins->Add New. At the top, click Upload and then find the downloaded ZIP file for the module on your local computer. Click OK to start the upload. Activate the plugin when you’re done to complete the process.

Once installed, you can see it in action: Go to your WP admin dashboard under Classified Admin-> Categories. You should see a third icon that wasn’t there before next to each category in the list under the action tab. Clicking on that icon will open the icons page for you to select an icon for the category.


Category Icons comes with Silk’s FabFabFab icon pack (courtesy of Dan Caragea) with hundreds of choices.


You can also use your own by substituting your own images under this caticons directory and AWPCP will recognize them accordingly. 16×16 works best, although you can use larger images if you make some HTML adjustments to the layout.


Choose the category icon you want to use, then click on Set Category Icon. If you make a mistake, choose Clear Category Icon:


Your category icon now appears on the Categories dashboard in the plugin

and on your website:

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