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New Support Forum!

AWPCP is proud to announce the creation of an official support forum. Please use this new forum instead of the comment section of the site for any support requests.  The forum is also linked from the top menu under “Support”. My goal is to centralize support, FAQs and documentation into a single location to make […]

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Can I install multiple instances of the plugin on the same site?

It might be possible to install multiple instances of the plugin on the same site using the same WP installation. Cannot presently say with 100% certainty as this has not been tested; however, were you to rename the plugin folder to another-wordpress-classifieds-plugin-2 and edit the file awpcp.php to change the table names to awpcp_ads2, awpcp_adsettings2, […]

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Can’t post an ad

I have installed the module and it appears at However, when I click on Place An Ad, Edit an Existing Ad, Browse Ads and Search Ads, the right columns refresh but nothing happens. I can’t post anything.

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Changing the defualt search

Maybe i am just not getting it, but is there a way to take the info from the AWPCP search and change the default search widget to display the data in the classifieds page.

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After payment page

Hey, first of all really greate plugin! My question: In 2checkout there is a URL field wich i have to fill with a returning after payment url page. What url do i have to put there? Thanks in advance, Vlad.

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Widget Styling?

The new AWPCP seemed to over ride my current theme styling for WIDGET and I cannot seem to figure out how to allow the AWPCP WIDGET to take on the styling of the theme ?  Or how do I remove the AWPCP WIDGET styling so my theme css can take over on it? Thanks, Tom

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Suggestion: Disable ad access code and require registration

Would it be possible to add an option to force users to register and disable the ad access code functionality? I think this feature is unneccessary complication in the case of my site as I’d rather just have them register. Admin Answers: The plugin is not integrated with wordpress in a way that would make […]

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Modifying the form – possible or headache?

Hi! I’m looking into using this plugin on a site I’m developping. I was wondering if there was any way to modify the form users have to fill when submitting a new ad. I know you have options in the admin area concerning whether the plugin should display form elements and toggles them on and […]

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Want show latest Classifed without WIDGETs

Question from kamleshpk1: My theme is not widget enable. How can I show latest classified ads on home page? Any PHP code? Answer from Admin: For anyone who needs the php code to show the latest classified ads it is shown below: <?php widget_awpcplatestads($options=array(‘5′,’Latest Classifieds’,”,”,'<h2>’,'</h2>’)); ?> Special Note: You will need to have the most […]

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Classifieds Secondary Pages Non-Existent (upload, edit, etc)

Question: I had some plugin conflicts and deactivated/activated this plugin a few times and had too many classifieds pages. Your plugin let me know (awesome feature by the way) and I clicked the button to fix it and it seemed fine. However now from my classifieds page, when I click on ‘Upload’ or ‘Browse’ or […]

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