Settings: Registration

Controls the registration settings for AWPCP. Registration in this context means whether someone must be a registered user on your WordPress site to perform certain actions in AWPCP.

Registration Settings:

  • Require user registration: Turn this on if you want only users with accounts on your site to post AWPCP ads. Note: If you activate ‘Turn on Ad Management Panel” under General settings, this option will be enabled automatically.
  • Reply to Ad requires user registration: Turn this on if you only want registered users to reply to your AWPCP ads. Helps reduce spam to your posters.
  • Post login form to: The full URL of your login page to WP. 99.9% of the time you don’t need to use this, as finding this page is easy to do by AWPCP. If you have some custom plugin that alters your login page location, you can override it here.
  • Location of registration page: Similar to the URL above, only required if you are using a plugin that has some mod-rewrite change to the login URL. 99.9% of users will never need to change this.

NOTE:. If you turn on registration in AWPCP, your site must also allow users to register in the first place. This is a WordPress setting that you can find under Settings->General. Look for the Membership field and make sure “Anyone can register” is checked. If it is not, your users will be unable to post Ads if you require registration!

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