Settings: AdSense

The AdSense tab controls the placements of your AdSense blocks inside of the Show Ad and Browse Ads pages for AWPCP.

Keep in mind that using AdSense on your AWPCP classifieds may cause your classifieds to be “blocked” by browsers that have ad blocking software enabled.

AdSense Settings:

  • Activate AdSense: Turn this on if you want to output your AdSense code in the Browse Ads and Show Ad pages.
  • AdSense code: The Javascript/HTML code from Google’s AdSense generated ad unit. The layout is automatically setup for 468×60 “banner ads”, but you can change the layout however you like to handle it for other sizes.
  • Show AdSense at position: This tells AWPCP where you want to put the banner–position 1 (above the ad text/body), position 2 (under the ad text/body but above the images) or position 3 (below the ad images).
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