RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds allows you to publish your AWPCP ads into an RSS feed that your users can browse in their favorite RSS reader.  It allows them to stay in touch with “active content” on your site and bring them back when something catches their interest.

Install as follows:
On your WP admin dashboard, click Plugins->Add New. At the top, click Upload and then find the downloaded ZIP file for the module on your local computer. Click OK to start the upload. Activate the plugin when you’re done to complete the process.

The RSS Feeds allows you some simple configuration items under Classified Ads > Settings > Modules after RSS feeds in installed.  The options are shown below:

On the front end, RSS feeds is activated by clicking on the RSS feeds icon that shows up above your AWPCP main page menus, highlighted inside the red box below (you won’t see the red box on your site):

You can also access the feed manually by entering the URL directly, like<awpcpMainPageName>?a=rss

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