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Place Ad is the primary page where you enter all the data for your classified ad.  Place Ad can be accessed from the front end via the Place Ad link, or from the back end via Place Ad button in the Ad Management Panel or Listings panel.

The Place Ad page uses the short code [ AWPCPPLACEAD ] (removing the spaces to activate it).

Place Ad may take you through as many as 4 steps to place an ad, depending on what your image and payment settings are.  These steps and settings are outlined here:

Workflow Step Paid or Free Mode Setting to Activate
Select Category/Pick Payment Plan Paid mode only Payment Settings (Enable paid mode)
Payment Confirmation Paid mode only Payment Settings (Enable paid mode)
Enter Details Both n/a (always present)
Upload Images Both Free mode: Image Settings (Number of images allowed, 1 or more)
Paid mode: The image count from the Fee Plan

If you have fee plans with 0 image count OR if you do not allow images on free boards, you will not see the Upload Images step at all.

The Place Ad appears like this on your site when you click the link, after you get past the payment steps (front end view):

And like this when you access it from the Ad Management or Listings panel, also after the payment steps:


The fields that are always required:

  • Ad Title (prepopulated when you have Require Registration turned on in Registration Settings, as shown above)
  • Contact Name (also prepopulated when Require Registration is on)
  • Contact Person’s Email
  • Description

The other fields may be required depending on what you set for Form Fields options.

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