How to modify the layout of the show ad page

To change the layout of the show ad page go to your classifieds admin options under Manage General Options->General Settings. Look for and edit:

Modify as needed to control layout of single ad view page. Maintain code formatted as $somecodetitle. Changing the code keys will prevent the elements they represent from displaying.

It is important that you do not remove any of the following:

  • $ad_title
  • $featureimg
  • $quers
  • $codecontact
  • $adcontact_name
  • $adcontactphone
  • $location
  • $aditemprice
  • $awpcpextrafields[if you have the extra fields module]
  • $showadsense1
  • $addetails
  • $showadsense2
  • $awpcpshowadotherimages
  • $awpcpadviews
  • $showadsense3

You can rearrange as needed but if they are removed the data they represent will not show up in the page.

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