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Thanks for your interest in the next AWPCP Beta!

We’ve got you on the list and we’ll send you an update soon.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Beta Program


Do you compensate users for participating in any way?

While we’re deeply grateful for your help and time, unfortunately we don’t have the resources to compensate folks today.  Participating in the beta program allows you the chance to gain early access to AWPCP’s newest version and provide direct input to us about what you think.  This is the best and quickest way to shape the plugin’s future.  If you don’t like something about the new UI, chances are others may feel the same way and we’re more likely to make major changes at that time than any other time with the plugin.  Think of it like a direct phone line to the enhancement queue.


Do I have to do anything for the beta?

Yes.  If you participate in the beta, we’ll ask you to install it on your site and give us any comments about how it works, what the UX is like, and the overall experience of AWPCP compared to beforeThat input is really critical to us–we need to find any major issues and fix them before we publicly release the plugin.  This is the best time and method we’ve found to do it.


Is the beta 100% stable?

No software is perfectly stable.  We make our best efforts to create a version that we think is fully baked and works on everyone’s environments, but there are always quirks.  Especially given that there are multiple versions of WP available, and multiple versions of PHP inside of them, and multiple plugins and themes with JavaScript oddities of their own.


I’m not sure if I should be in the beta program or not…

If you are concerned about your site’s uptime or use it for mission critical stuff, you might not want to participate in the beta program.

If your site is new, lower traffic, or you like to experiment, the beta program might be a great fit for you.

If you’re not sure, contact us and we’ll try to help!

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