AWPCP: Best Free Classified Ad Software

AWPCP:  Simply the Best Free Classified Ad Software Available

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP) is the #1 WordPress plugin solution for putting classifieds on your site, fast and easy.  Other solutions exist, but they’re harder, more expensive, messy, or downright scammy.  AWPCP is:

  • Free. Get started without spending a dime!  Download the plugin from WordPress now.
  • Easy. WordPress plugins are dead simple to install.  Activation is cake.
  • Flexible. We support lots of different ways to categorize your ads, setup payments, allow image uploads for fees, and much, much more.  Read about all our features.
  • Well supported. We have a great forum, with lots of participation and excellent response times for your questions.
  • Highly rated. We have a 4.5/5 star rating on
  • Trusted. We have 60,000+ downloads and we’re 2 years old.  We’re the #1 Classified plugin for WordPress, just do the search yourself.

No other WordPress plugin comes close to AWPCP’s features, support, or ability to upgrade via Premium Modules.

Check it out for yourself–you can get a live demo of the site online:  AWPCP Classified Ad Online Demo.

Don’t believe our hype?  Fair enough, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who have great things to say about AWPCP’s Classified Ad Software, like:

Love your product!  So glad you support what you build!  (from Jim H)

What a really great and versatile plugin! (from Patrick T)

Thanks for the awesome plugin!  (from Scott G)

Our plugin is more versatile than a full theme, because your site looks the way YOU want it, not the way we do.  Run the free plugin to get started, and you can add great features a-la-carte as you need to.  We just enhance your site’s functionality with a full-fledged classified ad software solution.

Unleash the potential of your WordPress site today with the AWPCP WordPress Classified Ad Plugin.

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