Version 1.8.5: Tweet button, Ad Expiration bug fixed, plus a NEW Premium Module

Version 1.8.5 brings some holiday cheer for those looking forward to a little something this season:

  1. NEW: Tweet button for individual ad pages. To use it make sure you have $tweetbtn in your single ad template
  2. NEW: Ability to use your own custom stylesheet ( found under wp-content/plugins/awpcp_custom_stylesheet.css ), which isn’t overwritten on upgrade.
  3. NEW: Support added for Featured Ads premium module
  4. NEW: Added field code $ad_categoryname for ad display listing

Plus a bunch of bug fixes:

  • Bug: Fixed latest ads to display intra-day postings in descending order of ID after date
  • Bug: Fixed display of UI Welcome message (backslash problem)
  • Bug: Fixed city display in URL and page title (was missing even if city was valid)
  • Bug: Fixed failing ad expirations
  • Bug: Made the latest ads display consistent with the ad listing layout (thickbox around image)

The version number was upgraded to reflect the major increase in functionality by allowing support for the new Featured Ads module.  ** Featured Ads will be released later this week.  **

Don’t forget about the FREE sitemap plugin you can download for AWPCP. To get the sitemap plugin for AWPCP you need to visit this page.  It’s a free addition to AWPCP, it’s a standalone plugin (like AWPCP), and super-easy to install.  Full instructions available here.

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