Major Bug Fix Release Available: 1.8.8

We’ve been busy here at AWPCP!

Lots of new bug fixes have been completed, including:

  •  Bug: Fixed pagination problems with browse ads
  •  Bug: Fixed issue with disabled ads being reachable via URL directly
  •  Bug: Fixed ad email issue (editing caused email resend)
  •  Bug: Fixed category delete SQL error
  •  Bug: Fixed Akismet integration to catch more spam
  •  Bug: Fixed image editing for admin, improved admin panel functionality for images
  •  Bug: Fixed SMTP to support port designation, fixed SMTP usage
  •  Bug: Fixed Akismet integration to detect if it’s missing (prevents the “setting save” problem when Akismet not active)
  •  Bug: Fixed ad editing with images in top level categories
  •  Bug: Fixed place ad/display ad form spacing (reduced white space)

And a few new features made their way in, including:

  •  NEW: Integrated changes for Extra Fields to support ad listing display, search field hiding, category-specific fields
  •  NEW: Added support to auto-resize regular images (instead of just thumbnails) on upload
  •  NEW: Added support for category editing (admin only)

The extra fields one has been hotly anticipated, so I hope you Extra Fields folks enjoy it!

Remember, the new Fee Per Category module is available now. You can access it on the Premium Modules section of

Don’t forget about the FREE sitemap plugin you can download for AWPCP. To get the sitemap plugin for AWPCP you need to visit this page.  It’s a free addition to AWPCP, it’s a standalone plugin (like AWPCP), and super-easy to install.  Full instructions available here.


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