Help Support AWPCP

There are two ways to support AWPCP:  Through a donation (which gets you the “Powered By Link Removal Module” as a thank-you!), or through buying a Premium Module like Category Icons.

Donation & Powered By Link Removal

The Powered By Link Removal Module allows you to remove the “Powered By AWPCP” link from the bottom of all your classifieds. Your board looks more professional and clean without the link, so why not throw a little love back to AWPCP for making your life so easy?

Donation Levels:
$5 (student), $10 (non-student, personal), $25 (business)

Module Price
Powered By Link Removal Module
(Business Support)
Powered By Link Removal Module
(Personal Support)
Powered By Link Removal Module
(Student Support)

Premium Modules

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin Premium modules are handy tools designed for use with Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin. The premium modules are not needed in order to use the plugin. The plugin by itself allows you to run a fully functional classifieds service with numerous features in the core. The core plugin is entirely free and released under a GPL license. The premium modules are merely additional enhancements that are not included in the core package.

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What Will Happen When I Pay You For A Module?

  1. You will receive an email from support {at} awpcp [dot] com very shortly. Make sure you add this address to your Allowed Emails list or at the very least, remove it from any spam list you have.
  2. You may need to wait a bit for the email. The internet is a flaky place sometimes. Email can be slow. Give it a couple of hours. It *should* arrive within a few minutes if everything goes well.
  3. Inside that email, you’ll find a link that will allow you to download your module(s).
  4. Click on the link as soon as you can and download the file. Save it to your local machine in a safe place! After 72 hours you cannot re-download it from the link again!
  5. You now need to upload the file to your blog/website. The module is NOT a plugin by itself! You cannot upload it through WordPress’ admin panel. You must use a program like Filezilla, SmartFTP or WinSCP, or about four million others like them.
  6. Unzip the module you receive. Read the installation instructions. Carefully. Twice if you have to.
  7. Follow the instructions in the ZIP file you receive, but in general you need to copy the file to <your WordPress install directory>/wp-content/plugins/another-wordpress-classifieds-plugin.
  8. If you have any problems, please go to the AWPCP Support Forum and ask questions there.
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