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New Support Forum!

AWPCP is proud to announce the creation of an official support forum. Please use this new forum instead of the comment section of the site for any support requests.  The forum is also linked from the top menu under “Support”. My goal is to centralize support, FAQs and documentation into a single location to make […]

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Warning: Division by zero bug

BUG FIXED[read about fix]Apologies to everyone experiencing the “Warning: Division by zero” bug that has cropped up in version If you are still using version please hold off on updating until is released with the bug fix applied. The problem is being checked and a fix will be released as soon as […]

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Upgrading and expiring ads

Previous versions of the plugin had a bug in the ad expiration that resulted in expired ads remaining in the system. A few people have upgraded and lost ads that had passed their expiration date. If you have your system set so that ads have an expiration date, when the expiration date comes the ads […]

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Quick Tip for making translation file work

This will be the official post for tips on making the translation file work. The tips here will come from actual users who have gotten the file to work from them. If you have been able to setup the translation file and would like to share the steps you took or you would like to […]

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Pay mode email bug when using listing fee with fee amount 0.00

Thank you to Jim for providing the information that has helped to pinpoint why some of you have been receiving mail failure no recipient address messages. So far the common elements appear to be You are running in pay mode You have a listing fee option of $0.00. You are having this problem when posting […]

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Known bug in newly added group listings by feature

BUG FIXED Thank you to all who have taken the time to report the issues with the newly added feature to allow admin to decide how to group ad listings in the browse ads and search ads pages. If you are receiving the error below, it has been reported and fixed and the fix will […]

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Samples for layouts

For those of you wanting example  awpcp_display_ads_my_layout.php and awpcp_showad_my_layout.php files, I will list samples that are submitted by other users on this page.  If anyone would like to share their custom layout please feel free to do so. You can initiate contact via the contact form. Submitted By Download File Rembert Display Ads/Show Ad Custom […]

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Search bug fix to become available by Monday

This is to publicly thank user Rembert for his assistance in pinpointing the cause of the error with the keyword search and providing a solution. The fix will be available in the next scheduled update. Barring the discovery of any critical bugs that delay release the update should be available by end of the day […]

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MySQL Error when changing ad listings order to most viewed then most recent

There is a bug in the plugin that crops up if you try to change the ad listings view order in your classifieds admin options “Ad/Listings” to MySQL Error when changing ad listings “Group ad listings by” to “Most viewed then most recent”. The bug has been fixed and will be available in version; […]

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Keyword search bugs

There is a bug in the keyword search in latest version It is being resolved. The fix will be released in version If you’re having problems with other aspects of the search in the meantime please leave a comment about it. Thanks to all who brought this problem to my attention

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