Bug Fix Release WSOD Fixed

Some new bug fixes available for folks who were having trouble on installations.  The recent SEO updates to AWPCP caused new installs to sometimes fail if the page names conflicted with others in the site, but in a very bad way.  Finding and fixing the bug was quite challenging.  I apologize for taking so long to get this fix out.

Other fixes include:

  •  Bug: Fixed pagination issue with category pages.
  •  Bug: Fixed layout issue with categories not aligning correctly.
  •  Bug: Fixed Extra Fields category problem for root fields
  •  Bug: Fixed so city/state are displayable in the listing AND details of ads

Remember, the new Fee Per Category module is available now. You can access it on the Premium Modules section of AWPCP.com

Don’t forget about the FREE sitemap plugin you can download for AWPCP. To get the sitemap plugin for AWPCP you need to visit this page.  It’s a free addition to AWPCP, it’s a standalone plugin (like AWPCP), and super-easy to install.  Full instructions available here.

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