AWPCP XML Sitemap Plugin

XML Sitemap For AWPCP

Want to get noticed by Google? AWPCP’s ads don’t get picked up automatically by crawlers because of the way AWPCP separates itself from WordPress. But fear not, we have a solution so you don’t get ignored by Google: The AWPCP XML Sitemap Plugin.

This FREE plugin works with AWPCP and Google XML Sitemap Generator (also free) on your site to add classifieds and categories to your sitemap. Once they’re in your sitemap, Google knows all about them, and so will your customers.

*** Please note: AWPCP Sitemap Plugin requires AWPCP 1.8.0 or higher and Google Sitemap Generator 3.2.4 or higher.



To get the FREE plugin–just sign up for our “Secrets of a Great Classifieds Site” course in the lower right hand corner of the site and you’ll get it in your first email.



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