AWPCP 2.0 Released

I’m proud to announce the release of 2.0 after a long haul.  Here’s what is NEW in 2.0:

  • NEW: Ad Management Panel
  • NEW: CSV ad importer
  • NEW: Full Ad Renewal Support: emails sent X days before expiration, email customization, renewal links in email
  • NEW: Feature to require registration for ad reply (reduces spam)
  • NEW: Workflow text made clearer
  • NEW:  Embedded video support for WP whitelisted videos.
  • NEW: Ad Profile User meta fields are now auto-populated for ad creation (requires registration)
  • NEW: Admin Panel look and feel upgraded to WP 3.0 standards
  • NEW: Major back-end code revamp to split files for faster loading, easier maintenance

Download it today.

Premium modules have been upgraded for 2.0 as well, if you don’t have them you can find them here on the Premium Modules section of

Don’t forget about the FREE sitemap plugin you can download for AWPCP. To get the sitemap plugin for AWPCP you need to visit this page.  It’s a free addition to AWPCP, it’s a standalone plugin (like AWPCP), and super-easy to install.  Full instructions available here.

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