1.8.6 Available: Flag Ad, Terms of Service, Facebook Share + more!

Version 1.8.6 released today, with a long list of goodies:

  1. NEW: Facebook share button for individual ad pages.  To use it, make sure you have $sharebtn in your single ad template
  2. NEW: Added field codes for single ad display: $ad_postdate, $ad_startdate, $ad_categoryurl
  3. NEW: Added ability to hide/show “Posted By” on search form
  4. NEW: Flag Ad link for individual ad pages.  To use it, make sure you have $flagad in your single ad template
  5. NEW: Terms of Service displayed for ads (optionally), if displayed, user must select accept.
  6. NEW: Admin can be notified of ads that expire (optionally).
  7. NEW: Admin panel now displays start/end date for ads, payment plan (if applicable)
  8. NEW: Admin panel has separate category for notification email templates (subject and body)
  9. NEW: Admin can post ads for free in a payment plan.
  10. NEW: Added IP address tracking for ad posters to improve Akismet spam detection when spam is marked later
  11. NEW:  Support for Fee Per Category module

Plus a bunch of bug fixes:

  • Bug: Fixed search form to hide private extra fields
  • Bug: Fixed conflicting function name display_ads to be awpcp_display_ads
  • Bug: Fixed ad expiration bugs
  • Bug: Fixed expired ads did not delete automatically (30 day delay now)

This version also allows support for the new Fee Per Category module.  ** Fee Per Category will be released VERY soon after final testing is complete.  **

Don’t forget about the FREE sitemap plugin you can download for AWPCP. To get the sitemap plugin for AWPCP you need to visit this page.  It’s a free addition to AWPCP, it’s a standalone plugin (like AWPCP), and super-easy to install.  Full instructions available here.

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