Subscriptions Module

Subscriptions Plugin – $39.99

Subscriptions module allows you to offer ad packages to your users.  They can have multiple ads active for a period of time, allowing your power users to freely post their classifieds on your site.

Subscriptions module does the following things to AWPCP:

  1. Subscriptions allow users to place any number of ads simultaneously.
  2. Subscriptions appear in the user’s profile under a special tab
  3. Subscriptions allow for users to manage their own ads while their subscription is active.  They can delete, place, renew and edit within their subscription at will.
  4. Subscriptions are great for power users or for users who will place ads in a “block” at a time, like car dealers, real estate agents, etc..

This premium module really engages users who want to place bulk ads on your site.

More details on the Subscriptions module can be found in the subscriptions documentation here.

This module requires version 2.0 of AWPCP or higher.

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Subscriptions Module $39.99

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