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Regions Control Module for Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin – $39.99

The purpose of the Regions Control Module is to facilitate admins who want to have more control over region-related data. If, for example, you want to guard against people posting ads for items that are available for pickup in Paris, France in classifieds targeted to people living in Narragansett, Rhode Island, the Regions Control Module will allow you to restrict all classified ad locations to Narragansett, Rhode Island.

The Regions Control Module is most effectively used on regional classifieds where the location options will not be too extensive. It can run in globalized mode and in fact runs in globalized mode by default; however, in globalized mode you have the potential to create very large lists of states, towns, cities and counties, and the larger your list, the more slowly your search feature will work.

With the regions control module installed, the ad posting format is altered to eliminate the loading of regions that do not pertain to the main region selected by the ad poster. There are some preliminary steps the ad poster must take before the ad forms load. Those steps involve selecting the primary region (a country), the secondary region (a state/town) and then the city, township or other municipality. Of course if these options are turned off in your options settings this step is not activated.

The regions control module comes with world continents and countries by default. In order to for it to work effectively, you, the admin, will have to add your sub-regions. For example, if you have the regions control module installed and you are running a classifieds in the United States, you will need to add the US States using the module’s Add Region(s). If you have the city field enabled and you want to control the cities that get entered you will need to use the Add Region(s) tab again to add your cities. You can add any type of region; however you will want to be careful that you are correctly labeling your regions. Since the module already has the world continents and countries there should be no reason for you to add continents and countries unless you know of continents and countries that have been omitted from the list.

You can disable regions at any time, re-enable them if you need to.

The Localize Module tab is the tab that allows you to narrow your regions down. You can get as specific as you desire but keep in mind that as you narrow it down the top level regions become unavailable. For example, if you localize the module all the day down to Brooklyn, New York, Brooklyn will be the only location option available.

The Regions Control Module comes with an option to add selected regions to a sidelist for front page display as shown in the screenshot below ( You have control over the regions that get displayed in the sidelist:


When a region is clicked from the sidelist the user’s browsing will be narrowed to that region so only ads from that region will show up when the user browses. Also if the user tries to place the location options will be narrowed down the to active region. The user can unlock the locked locations if that is not where they wish to post their ad.

If you have questions about the Regions Control Module please use the contact form to make an inquiry.

Overall the Regions Control Module provides a useful management tool for those admins who want to have more control over the locations fields namely country, state, city, county/village/other.

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