Extra Fields Module

Extra Fields Premium Module for Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin – $39.99

The Extra Fields Module allows you to add extra fields to your classifieds in addition to the ones included by default.

This module requires AWPCP version 1.8.8 or higher.

Features of the Extra Fields Module

  1. You can add an limited number of fields (the limit is imposed by MySQL, as mentioned here).
  2. Field input element can be set as
    • Input text box
    • Input text area
    • Single Drop Down
    • Multiple Drop Down
    • Checkbox
    • Radio Button
  3. Fields can be validated to check that:
    • User has filled in an answer
    • User’s answer is in valid URL format (if field obtains URL data)
    • User’s answer is in valid email format(if field obtains email data)
    • User’s answer is a Whole number (if field requires numerical data with no decimals allowed)
    • User’s answer is a floating number (useful for data involving money or other decimal values.)
  4. Field data automatically displayed on ad view page where data is available. Your older ads that were created before new fields were added will not show anything from the new fields unless updated to include new fields data.
  5. Fields automatically appear on the Search Form.  If a field defines a set of values (like a list of car models, or colors), the list will be pre-populated with all valid values for the field in the search form.
  6. NEW:  Fields can be hidden on some forms, shown on others (e.g. show in Ad Detail, Hide on Search and Listing, Show on Search, Detail and Listing, etc)
  7. NEW:  Fields can be assigned to categories, so you can have different data showing in different categories making each ad more relevant.

Additional Information

Extra Fields are SEARCHABLE!  After you define the fields, they will AUTOMATICALLY appear in the search form for users to filter ads.  You can hide fields on the search form if they aren’t relevant too.

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Module Price
Extra Fields Module $39.99

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