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Category Organization

It would be helpful to be able to customize the category tree in an order desired by the admin beyond simply categorizing by alphabet.

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Changing the defualt search

Maybe i am just not getting it, but is there a way to take the info from the AWPCP search and change the default search widget to display the data in the classifieds page.

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[suggestion] Add Category Descriptions

It would be good if we could display a brief description of the categories to outline what should be posted in it and any rules.

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[suggestion] Add a Navigation Breadcrumb

I think usability could be improved by adding a navigation breadcrumb. Also, When changing “actions” I think the page title should change to reflect this.

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Search enhancements for AWPCP

Hello everyone, This is my first post on AWPCP. I have been using this plugin for a week now. Did quite a lot of modifications. Here is one I thought would be useful to all of u. Presently search for keywords uses a LIKE sql clause on title and details. Problem with this is if we have an […]

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New user’s first impressions

Just started playing with this today.  Just to let you know:  thanks for this plugin and good job. I’ll be playing with this more seriously in the coming days/months.  Am sure there’ll be rooms for improvement to customise it to my specific requirements.  But how great is it to start at this point, rather than […]

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Widget Styling?

The new AWPCP seemed to over ride my current theme styling for WIDGET and I cannot seem to figure out how to allow the AWPCP WIDGET to take on the styling of the theme ?  Or how do I remove the AWPCP WIDGET styling so my theme css can take over on it? Thanks, Tom

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Classifieds set up, but does not show on site

I have just installed the AWPCP on my site, but it does not show. When I go to the settings page in the listings part it says there are 0 ads in the system. I cannot add any ads (I suppose this has to be done from the website, but it does not show there). […]

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Great Plugin! and Issues

Thanks for the Plugin! I’ve been testing it for 3 days. It’s very easy to install and configure. I’m running it on WP2.8 and WP2.8.1 – dev  in free mode. I read some issue in other posts. In my case: images upload fine, Permalinks don’t work and it’s volnerable to reverting. I had to clear […]

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I’d like to suggest that as well as the default alphabetical category sorting we could choose the sort order manually

Andy has made the suggestion that: “…as well as the default alphabetical category sorting we could choose the sort order manually.” I fully agree with this and will include the ability for the admin to choose sort order in a future update.

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