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A rating of 1…

Someone out there doesn’t think very much of “Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin”. For those of you who have downloaded the plugin, constructive comments are so much more useful. Helping to improve a plugin by commenting on where you think it falls short does more to keep developers interested in continuing to invest the time into […]

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Vince Weiguang Li found not guilty of murder

Vince Weiguang Li was apparently a computer programmer. He’s the guy who beheaded a passenger on a bus in Canada. He was found not guilty of the crime yesterday. The verdict took his apparent mental illness into account. According to the reports Li stabbed passenger Tim McLean, 22, sawed off his head and removed some […]

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Take your lofty title and…

In response to:  Is Calling a Software Engineer a ‘Programmer’ an Insult? by Eric Spiegel Hey, if software engineers are insulted by being called programmers because, typically, programmers aren’t “educated enough in proper engineering techniques and methodologies”  and are thus not in the same class as “engineers”, then that’s their right. I am not an […]

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Computer Programmer Melissa Bailey wins 409K

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I woke my husband and shared the good news. We both feel great.” Melissa Bailey winner of the Feb. 8 Fantasy 5 drawing in Atlanta Georgia How nice for Melissa…. For the last couple of years I’ve been struggling to make money. Last year I sold about 20 websites […]

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Atlanta computer programmer nabbed by Perverted Justice

Living life in front of a computer is no excuse for not knowing what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable out there in the real world. 31-year old Atlanta computer programmer, Sivakumar Jeraraman, was apparently spending more of his time hanging out in the the red light district of the Internet than actually doing any computer […]

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Takanori Hoshijima gives computer programmers a bad name

To be honest I can’t identify with computer geeks but when I consider I’ve lived the last ten or eleven years of my life in front of a computer usually programming some script or building and running some website I guess I would probably technically fit the definition of a computer geek. In my own […]

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